Month: May 2012

If you want to remain slaves to the bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and control the nation’s credit. Sir Josiah Stamp Director of the Bank of England

Evidence of Obama’s Faith

Acts of hostility toward people of Biblical faith • April 2008– Obama speaks disrespectfully of Christians, saying they “cling to guns or religion” and have an “antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” • February 2009- Obama announces plans to revoke conscience protection for health workers who refuse to participate in medical activities that go

China fake parts ‘used in US military equipment’

The failure of a single electronic part in any military plane could pose safety and national security risks and imposes higher costs on the Pentagon, the report said Continue reading the main story Related Stories How will the new US military look? Re-ordering of US defence priorities Vast numbers of counterfeit Chinese electronic parts are

It doesn’t pay to help Obama

Pakistan Gives Bin Laden Hero 33 Years, Obama Does Nothing Dr. Shakil Afridi was convicted of treason in Pakistan on Wednesday for helping the United States find Osama Bin Laden. In the kind of double game that has been characteristic of the Obama era, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for his release. But where

EU Super-President?

Ministers ponder creation of EU super-president BRUSSELS – Ideas kicking around in a reflection group of select EU foreign ministers include merging the roles of the EU Council and European Commission presidents. A senior EU source told this website following a meeting of the club in the Val Duchesse stately home in Brussels on Thursday

On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 – by Ron Paul    The bad news from last week’s passage of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act is that Americans can still be arrested on US soil and detained indefinitely without trial. Some of my colleagues would like us to believe that they fixed last year’s infamous Sections 1021