Month: August 2005

It was just God

Administrator of Greenwood Christian says recovery was miracle, not medical August 21, 2005 By JACKIE R. BROACH Index-Journal staff writer John Davis knows firsthand what it feels like to experience a miracle. He went on a mission trip to Honduras this summer, arriving there in a wheelchair. By the time he left, he didn’t need

Eminent Domain Jeopardizes Church and Private Properties

By Bill Fancher August 30, 2005 (AgapePress) – A legal organization says the Supreme Court’s decision not to rehear its controversial eminent domain ruling could spell considerable trouble for churches. In late June, the high court ruled in Kelo v. City of New London that cities could take private property for development if it meant

Study of design is science, not revelation

MARK HARTWIG Sunday, August 28, 2005 “Intelligent design.” It’s been in the news a lot lately. Lawsuits over textbook stickers, the presentation of evolution and the legality of presenting alternatives, have thrust the term into public awareness. Even President Bush has acknowledged it as a scientific program worthy of further research and study. But just

Ethical Stem Cell Sources

— Congress Urged to Halt ESCR Funding in View of Life-Honoring Alternatives By Bill Fancher August 26, 2005 (AgapePress) – The discovery of new sources of cells that are similar to embryonic stem cells in nature has the Christian Coalition calling on Congress to apply the legislative brakes to embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR) funding. Researchers

Expert Insists Unborn Babies Do Feel Pain

— Pediatrician Suspects JAMA Article of Promoting Pro-Abortion Agenda By Mary Rettig August 26, 2005 (AgapePress) – Dr. Jean Wright, M.D., a Christian pediatrician and expert on fetal development, disputes the conclusions of a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that claims unborn babies feel no pain. She says

Poll on Christian Beliefs Troubling

— Survey Suggests Many Believers Misinformed About Meaning of Biblical Salvation By Allie Martin and Jenni Parker August 26, 2005 (AgapePress) – Actor Kirk Cameron, co-producer and host of the evangelical TV show “The Way of the Master,” says he is deeply disturbed by the results of a recent survey, which found lots of people

Bangladesh & Sri Lanka Christians Face Persecution Threat

As Muslim fundamentalism rises in Bangladesh, church leaders report that Christians in the country are facing a growing threat. Posted: Saturday, August 27 , 2005, 11:55 (UK) As Muslim fundamentalism rises in Bangladesh , church leaders report that Christians in the country are facing a growing threat. Two church group workers have been hacked to

Bomb hits Israeli bus station

August 28, 2005 Bomb hits Israeli bus station Lesson: appeasement of terrorists only leads to more terror. How many more times will the world have to learn this lesson? Note also Abbas’ despicable equivocation and moral equivalence, as if stopping murderers is the same thing as murdering innocent civilians. Of course, he probably believes that

A tiny miracle

Cynthia T. Pegram Sunday, August 28, 2005 On Monday, 5-year-old Tori Raulerson will take the next big step in her little-girl world. She’s entering kindergarten. It’s just another miracle in a life that’s been filled with the unexpected for this slender child who weighed only 1 pound, 4 ounces when she was born in April