Month: September 2005

Break Silence on Pro-Family Issues

God and history will judge the pastors for failing to stand up for marriage and family By Mary Rettig September 27, 2005 (AgapePress) – A Christian radio talk-show host in California says God and history will judge the pastors in his state for failing to stand up for marriage and family. Paul McGuire, whose show

Liberal Groups using scare tactics to derail marriage protection amendment

Advocates of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Muddying Florida’s Waters, Says Attorney Traditional Marriage Supporters Gathering Signatures to Get Amendment on 2006 Ballot By Allie Martin and Jody Brown September 27, 2005 (AgapePress) – The ACLU, along with other liberal groups, is being accused of using scare tactics to try and derail a proposed constitutional amendment in Florida

New Age beliefs taught in public school

September 25. 2005 11:04AM The Associated Press A Christian group says a stress-reduction classes for students at a Raleigh elementary school promoted “New Age” beliefs and were school-sponsored religious activities that violated the First Amendment. Called2Action, a local activist organization, has sent a letter to Wake County Schools Superintendent Bill McNeal and school board members

School’s Sexually Explicit Required Reading

Parent Demands Alternate to ‘Pornographic’ Literature Assignment By Jim Brown September 23, 2005 (AgapePress) – Some required reading at a Florida high school has come under scrutiny from parents who say the material is pornographic. Students in the International Baccalaureate Program at De Land High School are being asked to read a book called Cracking

New Stats Reveal Dangerous Trend in Teen Promiscuity

By Jim Brown September 23, 2005 (AgapePress) – New statistics on the promiscuity of American teenagers indicate there is a great deal of work to be done in teaching young people to remain sexually pure. The National Center for Health Statistics has released a report that says more than half of American youth ages 15

Bad “Flight Plan”: Film Defames Air Marshals, Flight Attendants

September 22, 2005 Schlussel: Bad “Flight Plan”: Jodie Foster Film Defames Air Marshals, Flight Attendants Debbie Schlussel draws attention to yet another exercise in Hollywood dhimmitude: an airplane-terror flick in which the terrorists are not the Muslims who are on the plane, but an air marshal and a flight attendant. Yes, this is what we

‘Ally Week’ Enemy to Parental Values

By Ed Thomas September 22, 2005 (AgapePress) – A campaign called “Ally Week” is being promoted across the United States in schools this week by the National Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Pro-family leaders are also pointing to the week-long observance as the kind of doorway into schools that the pro-homosexual movement is

� Church Closure Worrying: UK Christian Group

By Alison Hunter Mizzima News ( September 13, 2005 The United Kingdom based Christian Solidarity Worldwide has described the reported closure of the popular Full Gospel Assembly church in Rangoon as worrying. Reports emerged last week that the church had been ordered by the authorities to cease all its activities including its weekly services. Benedict

Faith is the basis of the things that science documents for us

2005-09-18 / Knight Ridder / By Issac J. Bailey God created the world in six days. But were those six, 24-hour days? According to scientists, the average day 4 billion years ago was only six hours long because a hotter Earth, which resembled common-day Mars, was spinning faster on its axis. It has since cooled,