Month: January 2007

Newspaper Skews Marriage Facts

by Wendy The New York Times compared apples to oranges in pronouncing that marriage is headed for extinction. An article in The New York Times Monday reported that married women are now a minority, but marriage and family experts say that’s a distortion of U.S. Census data. According to the Times report, 51 percent

Religious Freedom Day, 2007

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America On Religious Freedom Day, we commemorate the passage of the 1786 Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, authored by Thomas Jefferson, and we celebrate the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom. Across the centuries, people have come to America seeking to worship the Almighty freely.

NBC’s Conan O’Brien mocks Jesus and Christianity

Posted: January 12, 2007By Bob Unruh© 2007 NBC has plummeted to the level of CBS, with a late-night skit that blatantly mocks Christianity by portraying Jesus as a homosexual voyeur, a stunt that would have been instantly condemned nationwide if it had focused on any subject other than Christianity, according to a pro-life leader.

Navy dismisses chaplain who prayed ‘in Jesus’ name’

‘We are homeless, jobless, and we are in God’s hands’January 12, 2007By Bob Unruh© 2007 A U.S. Navy chaplain who prayed “in Jesus’ name” as his conscience dictated is being ejected from the military service “in retaliation” for his victorious battle to change Navy policy that required religious rites be “non-sectarian.” “This fight cost

New Stem-Cell Study Proves Embryos Need Not Be Killed

by Pete Winn, associate editor Scientists — and family advocates — say the House should consider the new research before voting to expand funding for destructive stem-cell science. Opponents of embryonic stem-cell research rejoiced today at news that scientists from Wake Forest and Harvard have discovered a new source of stem cells that doesn’t involve

The Intolerance of Tolerance

by Greg Koukl Probably no concept has more currency in our politically-correct culture than the notion of tolerance. Unfortunately, one of America’s noblest virtues has been so distorted it’s become a vice. There’s one word that can stop you in your tracks. That word is “intolerant.” The modern notion of tolerance is seriously misguided. The

Growing up too fast

– Tween-targeted toys and fashions are prime examples of marketing attempts to make young girls, even those under the age of eight, grow up much too fast. – Marketing aimed at children from ages eight to twelve, a group commonly called “tweens,” now targets them with advertising previously pointed at teenagers. – This past Christmas

Top Ten Persecutors of Christians

(January 3, 2007) The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has just released its annual Hall of Shame Awards. This list details the world’s top ten persecutors of Christians. This report calls attention to a growing trend that shows the source of Christian persecution shifting from nations with Communist governments to

Human Rights and Pluralism: Conflicting Values?

Living in a democracy, we often hear the terms human rights and pluralism, but we don’t often stop to think about what they really mean or how they’re related. In its recent decision in the case of Konrad v. Germany, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the German government could outlaw homeschooling based