Month: February 2006

Gaza Bible Distributor Facing Terrorist Threat

By Allie MartinFebruary 27, 2006 (AgapePress) – Terrorists in Gaza have threatened to blow up the building of the only Bible distribution center in the Palestinian-controlled area by the end of the month. Last week terrorists distributed flyers warning the building’s landlord to evict the Bible Society by February 28 or they would blow up

Libraries’ Policy Falls Short of Protecting Children

By Jim BrownFebruary 27, 2006 (AgapePress) – A decision by libraries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, regarding access to controversial children’s books is being cast by some concerned citizens as merely a cosmetic move to appease critics of the books. The city’s Library Commission voted 12 to 1 to move children’s books that deal with sensitive

Second Annual Day of Truth Hailed as Celebration of Free Expression

By Jim BrownFebruary 27, 2006 (AgapePress) – Christian students are being encouraged to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools by celebrating the second annual “Day of Truth.” The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) established the observance in response to the national “Day of Silence,” an event sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, and

Grad student booted for sharing her faith outside of work hours

Because she shared her faith with co-workers during lunch breaks and after work hours — and because she refused to sign a document agreeing not to do that — a Christian woman in California has been terminated from her internship with the Department of Children and Family Services and threatened with expulsion from a graduate

Chaplain Rebels at Prayer Censorship, Then Removed From Assignment

By Chad GroeningFebruary 23, 2006 (AgapePress) – Another military chaplain has gotten into trouble with his superiors because he has refused to go along with orders not to pray in the name of Jesus. Captain Jonathan Stertzbach is an Army chaplain assigned to the 10th Mountain Division in Iraq. He was recently removed from his

Biblical preaching could be outlawed unless Christians become more politically active

British Pol Advises American Christians to Get Involved in Politics By Allie MartinFebruary 22, 2006 (AgapePress) – A member of the British House of Lords has told the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Dallas that biblical preaching could be outlawed unless Christians become more politically active. Recently the British Parliament nearly passed legislation that

New Disease Strains Heighten Risks of Unhealthy Homosexual Lifestyle

By Mary RettigFebruary 21, 2006 (AgapePress) – Culture and Family Institute (CFI) director Bob Knight says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has discovered some new reasons why homosexual men need to stop their destructive and potentially deadly lifestyle. The CDC recently reported that a rare strain of chlamydia called LGV (lymphogranuloma venereum)

Protect Religious Freedom in U.S. Military

Bush and Congress Urged to Protect Religious Freedom in U.S. Military By Chad GroeningFebruary 21, 2006 (AgapePress) – A Navy chaplain who went on an 18-day hunger strike for the right to pray in Jesus’ name says new guidelines adopted by the U.S. Air Force might be expanded to cover America’s other armed forces as

Homosexual Activists’ War Against Christianity

Church Seen as Main Obstacle Hindering Wholesale Acceptance of Homosexual AgendaBy Ed Vitagliano February 21, 2006 (AgapePress) – “All churches who condemn us will be closed.” That was what Michael Swift, a “gay revolutionary,” declared in a February 1987 issue of the Gay Community News. “Michael Swift” was a pseudonym, and the first line of