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Issue Date: May/June 2013 While the U.S. has its Fourth of July, complete with fireworks and revelry, England also has November 5 and it appears their celebration outdoes ours. All over the country “bonfire societies” field multiple parades complete with massive firework displays. One example in the news recently was a small town of 16,000

Gunpowder Treason

November 5th is Bonfire night in the UK. A time to watch firework displays, play with sparklers and of course huddle around a bonfire. The night air is thick with smoke and the sound of loud explosions. Flashes light up the dark sky and glints of fireworks can be seen in every direction from time

LXX X-perts Deny LXX

Even the LXX X-perts admit there is no actual evidence for a BC LXX. Here is Sir Frederick Kenyon: “A considerable number of MSS. exist which give information as to Origen’s Hexaplaric text and particular passages in the other columns, but these DO NOT GO FAR towards enabling us to recover the LXX text as

What is the “Septuagint”?

by David Daniels If you look in the preface of a modern Bible, you will probably find a reference to the Septuagint, or LXX for short. The translators of all modern Bibles, including the New King James, use the Septuagint along with other texts in translating the Bible. They claim that the Septuagint contains true

Protect our borders

Only truly appropriate use of our standing military is the protection of our own borders. For too long have been sending our military personnel to die in other countries in the name of “defense”, while our own back door is left wide open.

Why We Use KJB

Reasons Why We Still Use The King James Bible Exclusively! THEOLOGICAL REASONS Some new Bibles are dangerous because of the theological bias of their translators. The Revised Standard Version (R.S.V.) of the Bible was presented to the public as a completed work in 1952. The notoriously liberal National Council of Churches authorized it. The unbelieving

Gory spirit festival lights up Cambodian capital

Gory spirit festival lights up Cambodian capitalSpirit mediums in headdresses and lurid make-up, their cheeks pierced by needles and tongues cut by knives, led a striking procession Tuesday through the Cambodian capital to mark the end of Chinese New year. Hundreds of people poured through an alley for the colourful annual festival, known as the