Month: January 2005

Intelligent design makes sense

GERALD KORNBAU Sunday, January 30, 2005 York Daily Record I have been reading with interest the articles regarding the Dover school district and intelligent design. I find it sad that people object so strongly against the four paragraphs that the school board included in the biology curriculum. You would think with all the clamor that

German Home Educators Face Persecution

German Home Educators Face Persecution for Rejecting State Schools HSLDA Urging Action on Behalf of Christian Parents in Germany Jim Brown and Jenni Parker January 28, 2005 AgapePress Several home schooling families in Germany are being ordered to return their children to public school. Ten families in that country are currently fighting in court for

Some American Mosques Carry Extremist Tracts

Wall Street Journal January 28, 2005 Some American Mosques Carry Extremist Tracts, Study Says The print edition of the Wall Street Journal today carries on pg. B5 an advance report of a Freedom House study on Saudi mosques in the U.S. WASHINGTON — Mosques across the U.S. continue to carry books and pamphlets describing non-Muslims

Hate ideology fills American mosques

January 29, 2005 Full report: Hate ideology fills American mosques The full 95-page Freedom House report, ‘Saudi publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques,’ is now available here in pdf form. Read it all. The venom directed toward Christians, Jews, Muslims deemed not Islamic enough, and America is breathtaking. There is also a healthy helping

Science and bias

2005/1/27 Jonathan D. Sarfati, physical chemistry The Conservative Voice Science and bias Many people have the false belief that “science” has proven the earth to be billions of years old, and that every living thing descended from a single cell which itself is the result of chance combination of chemicals. However, science deals with repeatable

The NEA and Islam

Why we Must take back our schools from the left – The NEA and islam: Teachers fighting back against NEA over islam: Dhimmi Watch: College dean stirs Islam controversy

Mom Wants Pro-Homosexual Poster Out of Elementary School

By Jim Brown January 28, 2005 AgapePress A Christian mom is expressing shock and outrage over the promotion of homosexuality taking place at her children’s elementary school in northeastern Arizona. At issue is a wall poster at Washington Elementary School in Winslow that includes information about the school’s female art teacher and features a rainbow

Can Science and religion get along?

Jan 27th, 2005 By Sean Pitman Having studied both science and religion for much of my life, I agree that it is possible for science and religion to agree since they both can be the same thing. Yes, one’s religion can be scientific and one’s science can be one’s religion. Certainly there are those whose

Judges should be guided only by what the Constitution actually says

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says judges should be guided only by what the Constitution actually says when it comes to deciding religious cases. In early March, the Supreme Court will consider the constitutionality of government displays of the Ten Commandments. Lower courts have splintered over whether such exhibits in town squares and courthouses violate