Month: November 2019

10 Reasons Why I don’t celebrate Christmas

Don’t let the sparkling trappings and joyful atmosphere of Christmas deceive you. Rather, let the Bible show you how to truly worship the Living God and His Son, Jesus Christ! People who personally know about my Christian faith is almost always shocked when they learn I don’t celebrate Christmas. I mean, it is supposed to

Walmart Now Selling ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’

Walmart Now Selling ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’ For parents looking to introduce their kids to devil worship, Walmart and Amazon are now selling a new children’s book entitled: ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’. In the ‘about‘ section, the publishers try to turn the act of summoning demons into a kid-friendly activity saying: “summoning demons

Pope denies bodily resurrection of Christ

Pope denies bodily resurrection of ChristPope Francis already has been accused of heresy by prominent Catholic clergy, but now his longtime friend and interviewer is claiming the South American-born pontiff denies one of the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, that Jesus Christ rose from the dead in bodily form. Scalfari claims that the pope

Climate youth puppet Greta Thunberg is controlled by George Soros

Just as we suspected, climate youth puppet Greta Thunberg is controlled by George SorosShe’s all over the news these days, but 16-year-old Greta Thunberg isn’t homegrown or grassroots. Her climate schtick is completely a product of George Soros and Company, which feeds Thunberg her lines as she traipses around the world pretending to have come up with

Roman Catholic Churches Celebrating Sodomite Mass

Roman Catholic Churches Celebrating ‘Gay Pride’ MassesCatholic dioceses in the United Kingdom have begun to host LGBTQ “Pride” Masses, events designed to welcome homosexuals into the church and combine gay pride with the Eucharist and other Romish sacraments