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Bill Gates in October of 2019 Bill Gates ran a “simulation” of a widespread pandemic with John Hopkins hospital called “Event 201”.
Event 201, “pandemic exercise and medical countermeasures” – Bill Gates Foundation Nov 2019:

“The Next Outbreak, we’re not ready” says Bill Gates (prior to Coronovirus outbreak):

Bill Gates “warning” the world of his planned prediction in 2018.…

And even back in 2010 Bill Gates talking about population control through vaccines:

Bill Gates & Barack Obama released a docuseries on Netflix called PANDEMIC in January 2020 right before the Wuhan virus was “discovered.” The docuseries pushed the need for the Gates Foundation to receive funding to carry on virus research to prevent the next PANDEMIC! Bill Gates & Barack Obama docuseries marketed the need for a global “universal” vaccine to replace all other flu vaccines. It will be designed to deliver a human chip via nanotechnology.

• Create the Virus

The Pirbright Institute (funded by Bill Gates), owns the patent (10130701) on the Coronavirus genetic sequencing:

Bill Gates Foundation, directly linked with giving grants to Pirbright Institute for creating vaccines and viruses, that deal with animals and humans:…/2013/11/OPP1098099…/2016/06/OPP1148786…/bill-melinda-gates…

Bill Gates Foundation is a partner and owns shares with Pirbright Institute! He is a “major stockholder” of theirs:…/our-major-stakeholders

• Create the Cure

When the Coronovirus overtook China and other nearby countries, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation made a commitment of up to $100 million to the global coronavirus response. And it announced a partnership with Wellcome Trust and Mastercard that will provide up to $125 million to speed up the development of drugs for Covid-19:…/bill-gates-president-trump…/

Bill Gates partners with China on vaccines:

Bills involvement in January with the novel coronavirus, and China writes thank you letter to Bill for Virus Help:…/china-s-xi-writes-thank-you…

Then Bill Gates suggests a Microchip vaccine implants to fight Coronavirus:

Microsoft partners with ID2020 to develop a secure digital identity system (NO MORE BIOHACKING RFIDS):

ID2020 (Official Website):

Microsoft later teams up with CDC to put universal vaccines in RFID implants – 2020aliance:…/id2020-and-partners…

Bill Gates confirms Digital Certificates in ID2020:


And Bill Gates calls for National Tracking RFID system for Coronavirus on Reddit:…/bill-gates-calls-for-national…/…/bill-gates-calls-for…/

ID2020 then extends efforts to provide a digital ID to everyone on the earth:

And now, Bill Gates says his “foundation” will offer in-home testing kits where you swab your nose with a Q-Tip and send it to his labs. (Did Gates develop the home-testing kits in order to secure access to all of our DNA?!) Amazon partners up with Gates foundation to deliver and pick up tests:…/amazon-offers-to…

Now, we go through “The worst Economic Collapse in History, 2020 crisis”:

So, the World Health Organization implements going cashless due to Coronavirus contamination on cash:…/dirty-money-who-warns…

And by the way, Bill Gates owns 15% of the World Health Organization.…/members…/member_list/gates/en/
And W.H.O. is apart of their “Alliance” program.

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