Month: April 2005

Truth Will Not Set You Free

By Matt Friedeman, PhD April 28, 2005 (AgapePress) – John Wesley once said that religion did not consist in orthodoxy, or right opinions. Indeed, “A man may be orthodox in every point; he may not only espouse right opinions, but zealously defend them against all opposers …. He may be almost as orthodox as the

Christian Parent Arrested After Being Denied Say-So in Son’s Education

Christian Parent Arrested After Being Denied Say-So in Son’s Education By Jody Brown April 28, 2005″ (AgapePress) – A Massachusetts group battling judicial activism and the advancing homosexual agenda in their state is reporting that the father of a kindergarten student was arrested on Wednesday during a scheduled meeting with the principal of his son’s

Dawa in public schools

Dawa through the school newspaper The school newspaper is another effective way of doing Dawa. Muslim students are highly encouraged to become writers and editors of their school papers. Inform the writing staff to consult you before publishing articles on Islam and Muslims. Being a writer will give you ample opportunity to provide Islamically oriented

Dhimmi Watch: CAIR loves the new Crusade flick

April 27, 2005 CAIR loves the new Crusade flick Which makes it virtually certain that it is an extended exercise in dhimmitude and historical revisionism. Here is CAIR’s press release, ‘Muslims Call New Fox Crusader Film ‘Balanced’; CAIR Says ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ Avoids Negative Stereotypes,’ from U.S. NewsWire, with thanks to all who sent this

Pledge to Crackdown on Infanticide

Pro-Lifers Hail HHS Pledge to Crackdown on Infanticide Govt. Official Vows to Enforce Law Protecting Babies That Survive Abortion Attempts By Bill Fancher and Jenni Parker April 27, 2005 (AgapePress) – The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a warning to birthing facilities across the United States that the government agency fully intends

The Fear Trap

April 26, 2005 By John Fischer He who seeks good finds good will, but evil comes to him who searches for it. (Proverbs 11:27) Here is a debilitating cycle that can easily capture and render us useless to the kingdom of God. It’s what I call the fear trap, and it goes something like this:

Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

Plano Parents Counter with Plan to End Religious Discrimination Lawsuit By Jim Brown and Jody Brown April 26, 2005 (AgapePress) – Christian families in Plano, Texas, are rejecting the terms of an offer by the local school district to settle a religious discrimination case. A Christian attorney says officials with the Plano Independent School District

Senator Clinton Snubs Dialogue with ProLife Groups

4/25/2005 12:00:00 PM WASHINGTON, April 25 /U.S. Newswire/ — Senator Clinton snubbed dialogue with pro-life groups after making statements she was interested in finding common ground and opening a dialogue with those who oppose abortion, according to the Christian Defense Coalition. Senator Clinton declined to meet with a coalition of pro-life organizations after the groups

Governed by Faith

By Jane Jimenez April 25, 2005 If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it? –Benjamin Franklin (AgapePress) – From the Supreme Court, to Congress, to state legislatures, faith is under attack in America. Or … more rightly expressed … certain faiths are under attack. People of faith … certain