Month: August 2016

One dead after single-vehicle crash in Sand Springs

One dead after single-vehicle crash in Sand Springs Saturday, August 27, 2016 9:35 pm By Paighten Harkins Tulsa World One person is dead after a single-vehicle wreck Saturday evening in Sand Springs, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirmed. The crash happened along a stretch of South 177th West Avenue. Two people were in the vehicle when

Tricare Now Covering Transgender Treatment Options

The U.S. military’s Tricare health care system now covers transgender military family members and retirees, despite the official policy not yet going live, a top official said. “I’m not going to wait for the final policy,” Navy Vice Adm. Raquel Bono, head of the Defense Health Agency, said in a wide-ranging interview with on

6.5 Trillion in Taxpayer funds unaccounted for

Shocking Government Report Finds $6.5 Trillion In Taxpayer Funds “Unaccounted For”Reuters follows up on this disturbing issue, and reveals that the Army’s finances are so jumbled it had to make trillions of dollars of improper accounting adjustments to create an illusion that its books are balanced. The Defense Department’s Inspector General, in a June report,

Zika virus: Florida announces five new cases

Zika virus: Florida announces five new cases Florida’s governor has announced five new cases of Zika, including one in the Tampa Bay area, 265 miles (425 km) north of Miami. Four other cases of the virus, which is often spread by mosquitoes, were found in Wynwood in Miami, where officials have sprayed pesticides. The Tampa

Hillary Lied About Donor Access

ABC News: Hillary Lied About Donor Access During 2009 Confirmation Hearing The evidence that shows close ties between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department proves Hillary Clinton lied during her confirmation hearing in 2009, according to ABC News.  More than half of Clinton Foundation’s major donors would be barred under new ruleMore than half

NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm

The NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm“ShadowBrokers” announced an auction for what it claimed were “cyber weapons” made by the NSA. Based on never-before-published documents provided by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, The Intercept can confirm that the arsenal contains authentic NSA software, part of a powerful constellation of tools used to covertly infect computers

Secret Cameras Record Every Move From Above

Secret Cameras Record Baltimore’s Every Move From Above…a small Cessna airplane equipped with a sophisticated array of cameras was circling Baltimore…The plane’s wide-angle cameras captured an area of roughly 30 square miles and… transmitted real-time images to analysts on the ground… Since the beginning of the year, the Baltimore Police Department had been using the

Russia – Iran – Syria

Putin, Netanyahu, Talk Peace Process on Phone “The leaders exchanged opinions on Middle East settlement issues and topical aspects of the general situation in the region. They agreed to continue active Russian-Israeli contacts at different levels,” the report said. Putin offers Middle East peace talksPresident Putin is pushing to host peace talks between Israel and

Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ while stabbing woman to death

French national screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ stabs British woman to death in AustraliaThe assault took place on Wednesday at a backpackers’ hostel near Townsville in northern Queensland. A 21-year-old British woman died at the scene, while a 30-year-old British man was taken to hospital in critical condition, state police reported.