Month: March 2012

Defining ethics down

A new ethics code greeted the nearly 500 students at United Methodist-related Duke Divinity School when they returned from spring break. Edward E. Plowman April 19, 2003 A new ethics code greeted the nearly 500 students at United Methodist-related Duke Divinity School when they returned from spring break. It didn’t go over well with


[Excerpts] courtesy of The Berean Call Under Alberta’s new Education Act, homeschoolers and faith-based schools will not be permitted to teach that homosexual acts are sinful as part of their academic program, says the spokesperson for Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk. “Whatever the nature of schooling — homeschool, private school, Catholic school — we do not


By Dave Hodges March 30, 2012 “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” -Thomas Jefferson The lessons of history clearly demonstrate that dictatorial regimes, whether they be

Video Game: Would You Shoot Americans?

Infowars Nightly News November 19, 2011 A promotional article for Rainbow Six Patriots calls on you to stop a homegrown terrorist threat and make the call: do you kill civilians to save perhaps hundreds of other lives? This video game, based on the Tom Clancy series, simulates a war on Patriots and so-called homegrown terrorists,

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent 1:38PM GMT 29 Feb 2012 The article, published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, says newborn babies are not “actual persons” and do not have a “moral right to life”. The academics also argue that parents should be able to have their baby killed if it turns out to

US Intelligence to keep tabs on Americans with no ties to terror

Until now, the National Counterterrorism Center had to destroy immediately information about Americans that already was stored in other government databases when there were no clear ties to terrorism. Giving the NCTC expanded record-retention authority had been urged by members of Congress, who said the intelligence community did not connect strands of intelligence held by

So few can make fools of so many…

“Assemble a mob of men and women previously conditioned by a daily reading of newspapers; treat them to amplified band music, bright lights … and in next to no time you can reduce them to a state of almost mindless sub-humanity. Never before have so few been in a position to make fools, maniacs, or

Facts erased from schoolbooks

What the? Now facts erased from schoolbooks You won’t believe what’s intentionally left out from key U.S. date Drew Zahn Who perpetrated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 – a group of men merely fighting “for a cause,” or a band of radical Muslims bent on violent jihad? According to a new, comprehensive

The Pledge versus the Oath

When an oath for schoolchildren was being contemplated the socialists knew exactly what they were doing. The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty The Pledge versus the Oath by James Peron • May 2001 • Vol. 51/Issue 5 When George W. Bush became president last January, he struck a familiar pose. Raising his right hand