Month: February 2017

Katherine Kuhlman

On October 11, 1972, Pope Paul VI gave her a private audience at the Vatican. Mr. Warner stated, “Complimenting her on her ‘admirable work,’ he admonished her to ‘do it well!’ and gave her a gold, handmade engraved medallion bearing a dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit.” (The Woman Behind The Miracles, p. 172.) Wayne E.

Funny Video of Trump Listening To Obama-Clinton on Immigration

This Funny Video of Trump Listening To Obama-Clinton on Immigration Is Just What the World’s Been Waiting ForWhile much of the nation is “shocked, shocked I tell you,” by President Trump’s travel ban order, as well as his determination to enforce the country’s borders, a video has come along that puts the faux hysteria into

Trump to support two-state solution?

US sources indicate Trump to support two-state solutionThe Trump administration clarified in recent days to the Prime Minister’s bureau that it intended to support the ‘two-state solution’ as the base for negotiations in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The clarifications were part of the preparations currently underway for the first meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump

Putin orders Russia’s air forces to prepare ‘for a time of war’

Putin orders Russia’s air forces to prepare ‘for a time of war’ with ‘special attention paid to air defence systems and readiness to repel aggression’Vladimir Putin has ordered his air force to prepare for ‘a time of war’, Russia’s defence minister has revealed. The Russian president has launched a spot check on the country’s aerospace

Army Preps For Urban Warfare In MegaCities

Army Preps For Urban Warfare In MegaCities: “Mass Migration, Disaster, And Inner-City Turmoil”There will be war in the streets of America. Things have been engineered that way. The scenarios are many, the issues are complex. The current anger from the left, who are violently protesting against President Trump, is just one aspect of it. But

Why ‘fake news’ is now ensnaring liberals

Why ‘fake news’ is now ensnaring liberalsBefore the presidential election, when Hillary Clinton looked to be cruising to a victory, a cottage industry of fake and misleading news reports found an eager audience on many conservative Americans’ social media feeds. Now, nearly three months after President Trump’s stunning victory, same kind of alarmist, click-bait headlines,

Before you get too excited about Neil Gorsuch

Like many folks I’m overjoyed that Obama and Hillary are not in the Whitehouse.  Also, so far Trump has kept or pursued most of his campaign promises.  I agree with and support most of what he has done so far and is planning to do. However, we should never be so distracted by all the