Mississippi Police Fine Christians $500 For Listening to Sermons While Parked in Their Cars

Mississippi Police Fine Christians $500 For Listening to Sermons While Parked in Their Cars (VIDEO)
Police officers in Greenville, Mississippi fined Christians $500 this week for attending a drive-in church service in a parking lot

Illinois State Police Warn Worshippers Who Attend Church On Easter Sunday Could Face Charges, Including ‘Reckless Conduct’
..The police said that they will not be storming churches that violate the governor’s stay-at-home order, but that charges could come “down the line.”

EXCLUSIVE: VP Pence’s Message to Pastors Still Holding Church in Pews: ‘Where Two or More are Gathered, There He is Also’
In an exclusive interview with CBN News on Good Friday, Vice President Mike Pence says for the small number of pastors who are thinking of holding church services this Easter during the coronavirus pandemic, he has a direct biblical message.

DOJ threatens to take action against pandemic crackdowns on religious ceremonies
The Justice Department signaled Saturday night it may intervene against local governments that are cracking down on religious ceremonies during the pandemic, warning that action could come as early as next week.

Shock moment passenger is ‘dragged off Philadelphia bus by 10 cops for not wearing a face mask’
A PASSENGER was left angry and humiliated after he was filmed being dragged off a bus by cops apparently for not wearing a face mask. The bus driver, who himself was not wearing a mask, had ordered the passenger to leave the bus in Philadelphia on Friday as he did not have a face mask on – but the man refused. The “rule” had been put up as an unenforceable suggestion on the SEPTA website just the night before, leaving most passengers completely unaware.

This Pandemic Will Lead to Social Revolutions
The most misleading cliche about the coronavirus is that it treats us all the same. It doesn’t, neither medically nor economically, socially or psychologically. In particular, Covid-19 exacerbates preexisting conditions of inequality wherever it arrives. Before long, this will cause social turmoil, up to and including uprisings and revolutions. Social unrest had already been increasing around the world before SARS-CoV-2 began its journey.

World Health Organization Official Dr. Michael Ryan, Who Attended Event 201, Calls For Coronavirus Victims To Be Forcibly Removed From Their Homes
It is impossible to extricate the World Health Organization from the Bill and Melinda Foundation, as the WHO has been bought and paid for by endowments from Bill Gates himself. Over the past decade, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been the largest private donor to the WHO. If you have enough money, anything can be done. This is how Bill Gates has established himself as an ‘epidemiologist’ when in fact he has zero medical or scientific training of any kind. But if you listen to the media, Gates is now a ‘recognized expert’ on infectious diseases. Hmm.

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