Turning Schoolchildren Into Informants?

Pavlik Morozov was a well-known name in the Soviet Union and the whole Communist bloc. According to the official story, he was 14-years old in 1932, the year of Stalin’s forceful collectivization of the farms in the Cossack regions of Ukraine, Kuban, and Volga. Pavlik’s family opposed the collectivization and forged documents to prevent the confiscation of grain, livestock, and land which the Communist commissars conducted in their campaign to force the peasants into kolhozy (collective farms). Pavlik, a devout Communist from an early age, and a member of the Youth Communist League, reported on his father’s activities. His father was arrested and sued. In an act of retaliation, Pavlik’s grandfather and uncles rounded up Pavlik and his two 8-year-old brothers and stabbed them to death.

60 years later a Russian journalist discovered that the story was completely made up by the Communist propaganda. A boy named Pavlik did exist, but he was killed by a commissar, and then his father, grandfather, and uncles were killed by a police squad.

But for 50 years the story was told and re-told, of how a young boy became a martyr for reporting on his family to the Soviet authorities. In a children’s comics at the time, Pavlik watches his father counting money and asks him, “What are you doing, Daddy? Selling out the Soviet state?” The father jumps to get the boy and kill him but the boy flees and goes through deep snow to the local police station to report. There a friendly handsome commissar accepts the report and treats Pavlik like a real father. Thus millions of Soviet children were taught in school that their families are potential enemies of the state. And the state, of course, is like that handsome, friendly caring commissar who gives justice to the enemies and treats children in the best possible way.

By the 1980s, the result of such policies was obvious everywhere in the Soviet Union: never before has a culture developed such intense emotional hatred between the generations. The Soviet Union had more teenagers running away from home than any other nation in the world. Children abused parents, parents distrusted and abused children, families were broken, and the percentage of single mothers remains the highest in the world even to this day. The training and encouraging children to be the state’s informants on their parents produced fruit, and it produced it abundantly.

The same anti-family policy apparently is becoming a policy of the United States government. And just like in the Soviet Union, it will implemented through the government schools. Last week, the White House revealed a broad new strategy for “battling homegrown terrorism.” That is, the rampant terrorism that we have here in the United States, greater than even in Iraq and Afghanistan. The strategy is even broader and more all-encompassing than the one our military has in Iraq or Afghanistan because here it will include all levels of government, including local governments and agencies.

And the schools. A major partner in it will be the Department of Education. That is, schools will now become “battleground America,” a place for gathering information, and for training Americans to battle terrorism. It will specifically focus on “preventing” terrorism. “Prevent,” of course, is a word of the vocabulary of the Soviet Union of the times of Stalin, when “enemy infiltration” was “prevented” by a wide-scale system of informants, spies, and infiltrators who will look for “behavioral signals.” That is, people will be encouraged to spy and inform on their neighbors. And why the schools? Because the children will be encouraged to spy and inform on their parents.

The US government has a strategy to turn American schoolchildren into Pavliks. The family now is the potential enemy of the state, and the government is the good-natured, handsome, caring commissar, who will administer justice on the evil parents. All in the name of battling the fictional threat of “homegrown terrorism.”

The results won’t be different than those in the Soviet Union. When the government starts a war against the family, and the fathers do nothing about it, eventually their children take the opportunity to rebel against them. Unless Obama and his commissars are stopped, we will see an increasing generational war. And when generations war against each other, the nation’s ruin is inevitable.


Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death. – Mark 13:12

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