Top MIT scientist: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed
A top climate scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology lambasted a new report by the UN’s climate bureaucracy… “I think that the latest IPCC report has truly sunk to level of hilarious incoherence,” Dr. Richard Lindzen told Climate Depot, a global warming skeptic news site. “They are proclaiming increased confidence in their models as the discrepancies between their models and observations increase.” 

NOAA Pushes Humberto To Hurricane Status Without Proof To Fulfill Global Warming Agenda
Hurricane Humberto, or so they say, has formed out in the Eastern Atlantic. will not recognize this as a Hurricane due to the methods used by NOAA to upgrade it. A scale called the Dvorak Scale was used, which measures satellite patterns to determine the strength of the system. On the day of the record break for no Hurricanes, NOAA ruined this without hard evidence. The method is basically downright ludicrous being that it only measures structure and intensity on infrared. It does not have hard evidence from boats, buoys, or recon data to support any decision to upgrade this from a Tropical Storm to an 80 mph Hurricane. 

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