The Zero Tolerance for God POLICE Surfaces Again

PASADENA, Ca., May 16 /Christian Wire Service/ — ‘The Zero Tolerance for God POLICE surfaced in Knox County Tennessee to protect our school children from being exposed to Biblical Truth,’ announced Finn Laursen, Executive Director of Christian Educators, a professional association for Christian teachers in public schools.

Against the First Amendment of our Constitution and all logic, a Knox County School District’s Elementary principal reportedly corralled a 10 year old student and banned him from reading his Bible during recess when he and his friends invested their free time in studying the tenets of their faith. This obviously illegal, oppressive act was perpetrated on one of our young citizens in response to a parental complaint. In the never ending striving for political correctness sandwiched between slices of misinformation, a great injustice was done.

“The first amendment establishes freedom from religious persecution regardless of age,” explained Mr. Laursen. “As an agent of the government this principal over-stepped his authority when he ordered his charge not to read the Bible during his free time just because a parent believed it inappropriate.”

According to Laursen, students may have religious discussions and Bible study during non-instructional time. Legally school officials simply cannot tell a student that he can’t bring his Bible to school or study it with friends during non-classroom time.

The reality of our religious freedoms continues to be misinterpreted. As cases like this arise, Mr. Laursen encourages students, parents and educators, to point out such errors in judgment with respect for the authorities in charge.

The Executive Director further offers support for those finding themselves or others in similar situations. “By connecting with us through our website at, we can offer advice and when appropriate can refer victims of religious persecution to appropriate legal agencies to fight such oppression at no cost to the victims.”

In this case the Alliance Defense Fund stepped in to provide the needed support for this 10 year old’s parents.

Christian Educators Association International, founded in 1953, is the foremost public school association for Christian educators serving in public and private schools.

The Zero Tolerance for God POLICE Surfaces Again

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