Montana T-Rex Bone Supports Biblical Story, Not Darwin’s

Creationist: Montana T-Rex Bone Supports Biblical Story, Not Darwin’s

By Allie Martin

April 22, 2005

(AgapePress) – The president of the creationist Christian apologetics ministry called Answers in Genesis (AiG) says evolutionists are trying to spin the latest archeological discovery to line up with their erroneous theories of the Earth’s history.

Recently, scientists in Montana announced they had found soft, flexible tissues inside the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Forced to break up what they believe is a thigh bone of the T. rex in order to fit it onto a helicopter for transport, the scientists were reportedly surprised to discover soft tissue and complete blood cells inside the bone. Evolutionists estimate the fossil at from 70 to more than 80 million years old.

However, AIG president Ken Ham says the latest discovery poses a major problem for proponents of the theory of evolution. “What they don’t like” he asserts, “is the fact that creationists like Answers in Genesis have invaded their temples, so to speak — gone into their ‘Holy of holies,’ if I can say it like that — and we’ve captured dinosaurs and taken them back and given them their rightful place in history alongside of man, as the Bible would tell us.”

The evolutionists “don’t like that,” Ham contends, adding that the supporters of Darwin’s theories “hate creationists using dinosaurs because it’s one of their icons.” Also, he maintains that the T. rex find is further evidence of the creationist contention that most dinosaur bones were fossilized during a catastrophic event several thousand years ago — not several million years ago, as evolutionists claim.

If the Montana fossil were as old as the scientific establishment would have people believe, the AiG spokesman points out, no soft tissue should have remained to be found. Most experts agree that a fossil dating back tens of millions of years would have completely petrified over such an expanse of time.

Also, Ham believes the recently discovered T. rex bone negates the evolutionists’ archeological time line, which posits that dinosaurs roamed the Earth and died out long before the appearance of “prehistoric” man. But the creationist says there is plenty of evidence to the contrary, even apart from the Montana find.

“In our modern world today,” Ham observes, “there have been lots of finds of what I call ‘living fossils.’ These are animals and plants living today that go back in evolutionary time to the time of the dinosaurs or even before; and yet here we have them living today, and they haven’t changed, and they’re living beside people.”

To the AiG president these facts beg the question. “Why is it so ridiculous to believe that people and dinosaurs lived at the same time, when people and crocodiles live at the same time?” he asks. “And crocodiles, according to evolutionists, date back a long time before the dinosaurs and lived with the dinosaurs,” he adds.

According to Ham, evolutionists should be disturbed by the recent discovery of soft tissues in a supposedly 80-million-year-old dinosaur bone. He says similar findings have been downplayed by evolutionists in the past; but despite their efforts to spin or ignore the proof, it is clear that such discoveries support the biblical account of creation and Earth history.

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